2023 Training Guide

What you’ll find in this guide are platform training materials and resources grouped by theme. 

In each module, you’ll find the following: 

  • Groundwork - Worksheets and practice questions designed to prime your brain and get you thinking about innovative use cases for the platform and your organization. Groundwork is not available for the Training 4: Introduction to Flows training.

  • Videos (not captioned, but ask us for scripts!) of training including basic introduction, sample uses, and screen sharing of the platform itself. All .mp4s were recorded using mmhmm.

  • Additional resources or folders of relevant documents available for your review. 


  1. Have the platform glossary accessible to you. 

  2. Watch the trainings in order -- or don’t! They were created in this order for a reason (e.g. you need to have your contact groups set up before you schedule campaigns), but you know you learning needs best, so feel free to watch in whatever order works for you. 

  3. Videos range from 10-40 minutes.  Grab a beverage!  You’ll want to watch the screen, so this is not a good series to take on the go or listen to on a commute. 

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